The purpose of a WellbusinessDay® is to enable a large group of people to experience various topics that will inspire them in the short term, enabling them to choose a better work-life balance.

We will put together this WellbusinessDay® according to the goals of your company. Throughout the day we provide healthy snacks, chair massages and lots of pampering. Each participant chooses to join four sessions. A plenary session guarantees an overall coherence.

Here we have listed some of the ingredients for you.

1. Reception with a healthy breakfast

Fruit salad, smoothie bar, boiled eggs, yoghurt and various types of bread.

2. Healthy snacks:


  • Fresh fruit
  • Multi grain bars (Sultana...)
  • Fresh soup
  • Cauliflower-cherry tomatoes-radishes
  • Selection of nuts, seeds and raisins. ​

3. Smoothie bar, open throughout the day.


  • 3 types of vegetable-fruit smoothies
  • 4 types of fruit smoothiesDeze worden vers gemaakt en de mensen kunnen de receptjes meenemen.

4. A continuously available chair massage:

During this pressure point massage that lasts 10-15 minutes, you will become increasingly physically relaxed. Afterwards, your muscles are activated again, so that you feel fit and relaxed.

5. A healthy world cuisine

Together with our preferred caterer, we will provide a buffet of various tasty and healthy alternatives.

  • Turkey-zucchini burgers with spring onions and sour cream dressing (hot)
  • Veggie tagine with eggplant, sweet potato, paprika, olives, ... (hot)
  • Potato salad with coriander (lukewarm)
  • Salad of young spinach with dates and almonds (cold)
  • Sandwich with Breydel ham, Emmental cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, iceberg lettuce (cold)
  • Goat's cheese wrap, walnuts, dried figs, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket salad (cold)
  • Flat bread

6. Collective session:

  • What is Wellbusiness?
  • What is stress?
  • Recognize your own stress signals

7. Participants may choose 4 sessions from 6 workshops


Optional session 1

Workshop 1: Learn to mentally unwind and sleep better and more healthily.

Many people suffer from sleep problems. Some people can fall asleep immediately, but then wake after four hours, and thoughts start spinning through their head. The result is that they lie awake for the remainder of the night. Other people toss and turn in bed and try in vain to fall asleep. These people do not fall asleep until 2 or 3 in the morning, only to be woken up by their alarm at 7 a.m. The result is that both types have had too little sleep and do not feel refreshed. This makes them more irritable, it is harder for them to concentrate, and they make more mistakes.... What does a good night’s sleep entail, and what can be done during the day to properly prepare for a good night’s sleep?

This workshop will provide some simple insights, tricks & tips, to better prepare you for a good night’s sleep. A mental relaxation exercise is taught to apply when in bed. A free app helps participants continue practising at home.

Optional session 1

Workshop 2: Discover the power of your beliefs 

Our beliefs strongly influence our behaviour. They motivate us and shape what we do. They give meaning to the world around us. They are not about reality, but give meaning or an explanation to what we consider as being reality. It is difficult to learn anything if you do not believe that it may be enjoyable and that you will benefit from it (logic levels!). This also works conversely. Just think of the placebo effect: patients feel better if they believe that they have received an active drug, even though the placebo does not contain any active ingredients. Your beliefs directly affect both you and your surroundings.

In this session you will learn how to tackle and change limiting beliefs.

Optional session 3

Workshop 3: How to obtain your goals faster in life?

Stress does not disappear by itself. It requires a change in thinking and/or actions to reduce your stress levels. Which precise changes are needed, is different for everyone. This workshop aims to clarify what your major points for attention are. What steps should you take in order to work towards your goals? Can you do this immediately or should you divide it into smaller sub-goals? You will begin by designing your own mind map to identify your goals. Additionally, you will learn to approach your goals in such a way as to achieve them automatically.

This method applies to perfectionism, self-confidence, fear of failure, procrastination, ...…

Optional session 4

Workshop 4: A more efficient use of time: practical tips

In a wholly interactive way and through familiar situations, you will obtain a clear view of the real cause of your lack of time. We bring about an understanding of the benefits, pitfalls and challenges of your own values and beliefs, and offer a number of immediately applicable tips and techniques.

Optional session 5

Workshop 5: How to build movement into a sedentary job

Exercise is not the same as sport. Since the 90s, the focus has shifted from sports to movement. For many, it is more realistic to acquire a more active lifestyle on a daily basis than to exercise intensively three times a week. Furthermore, movement and not resting is the most effective treatment for back, neck and muscle pain. This workshop provides you with the basics of movement and stretching exercises for work and at your desk. Simple exercises that allow you to strengthen your muscles, keep your joints supple and help you to become more relaxed. These are exercises that everyone can do. 

Optional session 6

Workshop 6: Which foods provide extra energy?

Unbalanced food leads to loss of concentration, slowness, low immunity, fluctuating glucose levels, fatigue ... and long-term health problems, absenteeism and lost productivity. During this workshop you will learn about the effects of diet on your stress level.

  • How do I get through the day without experiencing a fall in energy?
  • How do I deal with a rumbling stomach?
  • What foods will give me energy?