Sleeping school

Learn to fall asleep, sleep through and wake up feeling fit.

Does it take a very long time before you fall asleep? Or, do you wake (too) frequently during the night, and is it difficult to get back to sleep? Do you feel far from rested when you wake in the morning?

In the Prana sleeping school, we address these problems!

During six sessions of 3.5 hours, you will learn and experience, in a very practical manner, how to sleep more healthily and better:


What exactly will you take away from this course?

  • The rhythm of a normal sleep cycle
  • Frequently occurring sleep problems and possible causes
  • Good sleeping conditions
  • The importance of dreams


What will you be reflecting on?

  • The rhythm of your sleep cycle, by keeping a logbook
  • Through stress tests, you will discover your stress resistance or stress sensitivity
  • Your specific causes of poor sleep
  • The meaning of your own dreams and how to use them

What will you experience and do?

  • Learn to relax mentally by using different relaxation techniques
  • Fall asleep faster and better
  • Stopping the thoughts in your head while sleeping
  • Waking in the morning fit and full of energy
  • Deal with your sleep problems through a targeted step-by-step programme

What can you learn from each other?

  • By exchanging experiences using the learned techniques, you will learn how others integrate them into their lives.
  • You will be motivated by the success of your fellow students and you will inspire each other to put the learned methods into practice.

When participating in the sleep school, you are given a toolbox to support you in knowing, understanding and doing.



It comprises:

  • The book: Selfcoaching: Explore the endless possibilities of your brain
  • A personal logbook
  • A personal workbook for the sessions
  • 3 CDs for practising, with supporting exercises both for during the day and while in bed
  • 24 e-reminders with tips from the training course 

Duration: 6 sessions of 3.5 hours