Sensitization of stress and burnout

Sensitization session: Stress and burnout prevention

Through a sensitization workshop, employees will acquire understanding of the mechanism of stress. The word stress must not be treated as a taboo, but placed within its proper context. It is not a sign of weakness, but something that everyone has to deal with.

This session uses an interactive method to introduce you to the vast capabilities of the human brain.

From a fully supported framework, it is demonstrated how people can take charge of their stress and how to acquire more influence and self-control in acute situations.

In depth:

What exactly will you take away from this course?


  • What is stress
  • Relationship stress - brain frequency - self-management
  • What is positive and what is negative stress?
  • Symptoms of stress and burnout
  • Who is most at risk of burnout?
  • What causes sleep problems?
  • What can you do about it?
  • Why can I not stop my negative thoughts?
  • Why do two people sometimes view the same situation in entirely different ways?
  • Is this the way I am? Can I change my ‘character’?
  • Is it true that the majority of people use less than half of their potential?
  • Why do I always revert to my old habits?
  • How is it that I cannot get to sleep at night, why am I up so early?
  • Why can I not ‘stop’ my thoughts?
  • What effect does stress have on my self-control, my memory and my efficiency? ..


What will you be reflecting on?


  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs
  • Which stress signals do you have


What will you experience and do?


  • Introductory exercise, relaxing mentally and physically
  • Experience the influence of your mind on your wor






















Duration: 1 session of 2 to 3 hours