Selfcoaching: Basic

Selfcoaching®: Explore the endless possibilities of your brain 

What topics are addressed in our Selfcoaching® course?

Learn to control stress 

  • You will learn how to quickly regain control in acute stressful situations
  • You will learn to protect yourself from stress caused by others
  • You will learn how to take out more time to be in touch with yourself

Achieve your goals quicker 

  • You are made aware of your constraining habits and learn how to change them
  • You will learn how to achieve your goals quicker

Positive self-control for dealing with stress

  • You will learn how to stop your thoughts whenever you want to
  • You will discover how your focus and thoughts influence your results
  • You will develop a large dose of self-knowledge and self-confidence

Restoring your energy balance

  • You will learn how to recover more quickly from stress at work
  • Learn to fall asleep, sleep through and wake up feeling fit
  • You will feel more energetic at work during the day and at home in the evening

Working efficiently

  • You will start to feel mentally more composed (chaos disappears)
  • Your concentration and memory will improve, making you far more creative
  • Your ability to understand other people’s reactions will improve

Individual participants can visit our open training courses: Selfcoaching® basics

For on-site company training we would start by discussing with you the most effective programme, fully attuned to your target group and your goals.


In depth:

What exactly will you take away from this course?

  • How can you control and programme your brain
  • How can you take control of your thoughts
  • What causes you to forget things, and how to remember them
  • What should you do to achieve your goals faster
  • What is stress
  • When does stress become negative
  • What are the effects of long-term exposure to stress
  • What causes insomnia and what can you do about it
  • Recognizing your stress signals

What will you be reflecting on?

  • You will learn to think differently in order to remember what you forgot
  • You will think about the goals in your life
  • A range of self-reflection tests will provide an understanding of your working points

What will you experience and do?

  • You will learn to apply various methods to relax, both mentally and physically
  • You will experience the difference in brain frequencies
  • You will experience the potential of a power nap
  • You will learn to reinvigorate using the breath of fire
  • In 1 to 2 minutes, you will regain control of yourself
  • You will learn to protect yourself from noise and stress caused by others
  • You will experience the control that you have over falling asleep, sleep through and waking up feeling fit.

What can you learn from each other?

  • What can you learn from others and what can they learn from you?
  • What have you applied and to what effect?
  • What did not work or not work sufficiently well – who did it work for and how?
  • What resistances do you have – how do others deal with them?
  • How do you apply this to your everyday life – sharing tips and tricks.

Duration: 4 sessions of 3.5 hours 


After you have completed this course, you will have a toolbox to support you in knowing, understanding, doing and sharing.

It comprises:

  • The book: Selfcoaching®: Explore the endless possibilities of your brain
  • A personal workbook (basic version) for the sessions
  • 2 CDs for practising, with supporting exercises
  • A mobile app for Apple or Android, with access to video, audio exercises, stress tests, practical tips, ...
  • 24 e-reminders with tips from the training course
  • A certificate for FREE unlimited refresher sessions over time (only one contribution is required towards drinks and accommodation)
  • Our open offer allows you to upgrade from the Selfcoaching® basic training course to the Selfcoaching® training course: “The prevention of and approach to stress and burnout” upon payment of the difference between the two courses.