Presentation skills

Become a master in presentations

A presentation becomes compelling when the person staging it is able to do so in an authentic and relaxed manner. During this training session and/or after personal guidance, you will learn to discover your own personality style, and we will teach you the skills that are suitable for you and enable you to grow into an effective presenter. We focus our attention on your body language, your attitude, your tone of voice (volume, intonation, dynamics ...), your facial expressions, your position in the room, your PowerPoint presentation...

Many people have a number of fixed beliefs about giving presentations.

  • I am not good at giving presentations
  • People always ask annoying questions that make me doubt myself
  • I haven't memorized my script, so I may seem awkward
  • If I want to come across as professional, surely I can’t stand there with notes in my hand
  • I hope I don’t blush
  • I might start sweating excessively
  • I talk rather quietly, people will probably find it difficult to understand me
  • I don't like standing in front of a group

Prana very clearly distinguishes itself by addressing these fixed beliefs, using the necessary Selfcoaching techniques. You learn how to make best use of your body, voice and behaviour throughout the entire presentation, and you may even learn to enjoy giving a presentation

In this training course, we take into account everyone's different personality. This will help you to evolve into an authentic presenter.

In depth:

What exactly will you take away from this course?

  • What elements make for a professional presentation?
  • What should you do with your arms, your position in the room, eye contact, voice, ...?
  • There are different presentation styles, which one suits you?
  • How to deal with interruptions: latecomers, phones, computers and mobile phones, ...
  • What do you do if you have forgotten something, or flounder?

What will you be reflecting on?

  • What type of personality are you?
  • How would you like to come across?
  • What beliefs hinder you, and which help you to speak fluently?

What will you experience and do?


  • You will discover how to feel better and more relaxed, even in front of a large group
  • You will discover and perfect your personal presentation style
  • You will experience how using your voice differently requires less energy and has a greater effect
  • You will create your own personal development plan with real action points for the next presentation


What can you learn from each other?

  • What can you learn from others and what can they learn from you?
  • How do others experience your presentation?
  • What came across very well and what less so?
  • What resistances do you have – how do others deal with them?


Duration: 4 sessions of 3.5 hours