Personal coaching

1/ In-company coaching

Sometimes, following group training, participants have additional questions or they still need some specific support. Often, extensive coaching is not required, but one or two one-hour sessions can help them on their way.

Other people do not need any training at all, but instead require an external sounding board, which includes providing them with some tips and tricks.

This will require our coach to visit you at your work on a monthly basis, thereby providing the ideal opportunity for more people to enjoy coaching, even with a limited budget and limited time frame.

For example, our coach is available for one day to coach seven people. Participants can sign up in advance so that everyone knows when they are expected to attend.

2/ Coaching at Prana

There are a lot of issues that can be dealt with sensitively during our training sessions. Sometimes, issues are too personal, which means that they cannot be addressed in a group, and individual sessions would be more appropriate. In these cases, we usually work with sessions of 2 hours in our coaching rooms in Oudenaarde or Zoersel (NL, ENG) or Brussels (FR).