Mobile anti-stress app for Apple and Android

Mobile anti-stress app for Apple and Android


The application is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Market. It is a free downloadable application with login and password for your employees.

You are also given a QR code that you can use in all your communications, so that people can easily download the app.

Based on the existing corporate design and the materials supplied, and in consultation, Prana will develop an app with all the associated icons. Subsequently, a first sample issue is created and presented to you. 

It will include custom content regarding ‘stress and burnout prevention’, which we have added to the app.



The following functions (buttons) are provided by us: 

  • Getting started (How to use)
  • Did you know: Tips & Tricks
  • Nutrition: Nutritional advice
  • Movement: Movement advice
  • Stress: Knowledge as explained with the sensitization session


  • Tests: stress test + stress signals test
  • Notepad: notebook for recording self-observations


  • Training video: video support material (explanations of brain frequency, breathing techniques, ...)
  • Movement exercises
  • Audio: mental and physical calming exercise



  • FAQ: detailed frequently asked questions with the answers
  • Messages: messages from your company to the app users
  • Comments: messages from the users
  • Activities calendar: in-company activities are announced here


This app provides the user with quick access to supporting tips and exercises, in order to be able to intervene quickly during times of acute stress.

We have noticed that a lot of people use the app in their free time (waiting in a queue or for an appointment, ...). They have it with them at all times, in all locations.

The app may be further customized to represent your company. Additional buttons can be added for e.g. ergonomics, industrial accident prevention, ...

You will have personal access in order to edit content, send push notifications to all app users and view statistics