Mental Check-up

Interested in a ‘mental check-up’ for your company employees?

Apply for a FREE business test. You will receive a free report with the results. (Free for companies with no more than 300 employees, otherwise there will be a small charge).

From our own research over the past three months, in which 506 people participated of their own free will (entirely anonymously via an online test), the following results were obtained:

Limited number of symptoms (max. 2):     4%
Attention! (max. 5 symptoms): 6%
Note! (max. 9 symptoms):     16%
It is 5 to 12! (10 or more symptoms): 74%





A large number of people have very many stress symptoms and do not know how to deal with them. Taking medication or days off seems to be the only solution, however, this is not true, making sensitization sessions and Selfcoaching training an absolute must in business enterprises.

As an individual, would you like to have a free and anonymous ‘mental check-up’KLICK HERE

At the end you will see your results, with some additional practical tips.