Brainstorming sessions with executives and their teams

Brainstorming sessions with executives and their teams

A supervised brainstorming session with the team would be an ideal tool to detect and deal with structural causes of stress.

  • First of all, a list is compiled of all possible areas of stress and causes of stress.E.g., organizational, relational, content-related, ...
  • In which departments or teams may stress be found?
  • How big is the problem?
  • What signals are we receiving?


With this input, we can begin by drawing up six or so targeted questions. These questions are processed using our unique and creative GPS method. (A brainstorming technique that allows everyone to have a say. Both reflective persons and expressive participants and their associated learning styles: think, share, experience and know).

A number of rules are set out. A kind of football field within which you can search for solutions, ideas, initiatives, ...

As a result, we arrive at a concrete plan of action: what issues can we adopt immediately, and which issues do we need to plan in order to deal with them? We always aim to achieve a fully developed roadmap, with involvement from all participants.