Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions to improve team functioning.

Brainstorming sessions are widely used to develop new business. But, what if you use a creative approach to work with your team on how your team functions?

During the preparation, we would like to know how the team works and, specifically, which issues are dealt with well or very well. With this input, we can begin by drawing up six or so targeted questions. These questions are processed using our unique and creative GPS method. (A brainstorming technique that allows everyone to have a say. Both the reflective person and the expressive participant and their associated learning styles: thinking, sharing, experiencing and knowing).

A number of rules are set out. A kind of football field within which you can search for solutions, ideas, initiatives, ...

The brainstorming session can be started by following a fixed pattern:

  • What are the facts that are present within our team? (Eliminating assumptions and gossip)
  • What are the biggest energy boosters for our team?
  • Which issues could we tackle more flexibly and in different ways within our team?
  • What sort of atmosphere do we want to achieve in our team? What feeling do you personally want to be left with after having worked with your team for a day?
  • What issues can we already adapt immediately, and which issues do we need to plan, so our team can work on these issues?
  • Suppose it went very wrong within our team. What possible signals could we detect beforehand?