About us

Our basic philosophy:

Whether you want to improve your time management skills, communication skills, presentation skills, your perfectionism or stress level, the key question is ‘How do I change my thoughts, emotions and behaviour so that I can acquire new and lasting habits’. This core question defines Prana’s approach.

We cannot change thoughts, emotions and behaviour merely through understanding and role-play. We need to take into account the psychology of the brain. Where do our thoughts and beliefs originate, how do they affect our emotions and behaviour and, especially, why do we react the way we do, and why do we always lapse back into our old patterns.

Throughout the day our brain frequency is constantly fluctuating.

Deadlines, lingering doubts, conflicts and even new challenges cause a certain level of tension. As a result, our brain frequency increases to beta level and we become aware of everything that may go wrong. Things that do not go wrong are barely perceived. Your thoughts become chaotic, your heart rate and breathing speed up, and barely 20% of your knowledge is available during this kind of situation. We usually do our work on autopilot and, consequently, lapse unwittingly into old behavioural patterns. If we want to learn new skills, only rational understanding will have no lasting effect. We need to work on ‘programming’, and that can only happen if we allow ourselves adequate mental rest and maintain some emotional distance. Our brain frequency then drops to the much healthier ‘alpha level’, and we have access to all our knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills. We can then ‘reprogramme’ our brain.

W​e have four learning methods at our disposal.

In all our sensitization sessions, training sessions and workshops, we take into account the different personality types (DISC & Insights) and their associated learning methods.

Depending on the type of training and the objectives, certain learning methods are discussed in more depth. A total integrated offering, suitable for everyone, can be developed. 


Our two-track approach focuses on the following:

We will learn to experience this difference in brain frequency and how to influence it. You will learn how to take control when stress levels are too high, preventing this from becoming a chronic situation.Once you are able to function predominantly in alpha frequency, you can regain control of both yourself and your new behaviour. As unexpected stress is unavoidable, we must also address our automatic response. To do this, we will learn various methods for ‘reprogramming’ our brain at alpha level. Once this has been accomplished, you will always respond in the right way in all situations, as though you have done so for years.

Prana owes its success to this approach. Since 1997, corporate employees have been learning to control their brain frequency and use the optimum level for better concentration, creativity, self-control and self-motivation, but moreover, to achieve, in many areas, a profound change in behavioural habits. This package has been named ‘Selfcoaching®’.

Prana is specialized in the entire field of personal skills, management skills, teamwork ... and has integrated its basic philosophy into all these training courses.

Our programmes are always designed around your business objectives, and all modules of our exclusive theme packages can be individually organized and tailored to your company. In doing so, we always remain faithful to our company philosophy:

  • Each person has more potential than they use. 
  • Take the participants’ qualities as the point of departure and provide the opportunity for their strengths to surface
  • Let participants discover and experience how things may be done differently
  • Each training session needs to take into account the different participant types
  • Have people practice their skills, and keep the theory limited, factual and understandable
  • Use the participants' experiences so that they can learn from each other

Thoroughly trained Permanent Franchise Partners guarantee uniformity of this approach.

All Prana trainers have a franchise partnership for 10 years. They are thoroughly trained in self-coaching and Team Efficiency Training. This allows all trainers to achieve a profound change in behaviour, functioning, communications, creativity and achievements.

Additionally, each has their own expertise in the field of people management, creativity, teamwork, coaching, change management etc. All trainers collaborate with each other on a reciprocal basis.

Depending on your needs and requirements, your contact (trainer) will coordinate the entire project and ensure that, depending on the specific field, the right expert trainer is always deployed.

Our specialization in many diverse fields, in combination with the basic philosophy of self-coaching, enables Prana to offer your organization a complete service, ranging from defining strategies to developing a full training and coaching programme, subject to the objectives you wish to achieve.

Are you interested in a Franchise Partnership? Contact us for an introductory no-obligation meeting.